Happiness is...

** watching the pilot of V with my housemate and realizing some of my favorite actors are on it and giving in to the idea of having another weekly show to watch
** finding hazelnut creamer on sale at the grocery store and buying it and loving that it doesn't contain chemicals or funky flavors...but makes my coffee and tea taste even more decadent
** doing an extra small load of laundry
** noticing how the sun streams in through the living room window to illuminate the lounge and the fuzzy maroon blanket tossed on it
** taking time to wash pans and skillets by hand instead of filling up the dishwasher
** knowing I could toss the pans and skillets in the dishwasher if I chose to
** walking around the park at dusk...hearing kids practice soceer, teens play tennis and parents encourage their children at the playground
** staying in pajamas past noon
** seeing wisps of smoke escape neighbors' chimneys
** spotting a rainbow as the sun sets
** walking in the street (at the curb!) and shuffling through piles of crispy, colorful leaves


  1. I love jammie days. I seem to wash all productivity down the drain if I stop to take time for a shower.

  2. I am loving your photography and drawings--great stuff here!

  3. Anonymous6.11.09


    I love pj's, dishwashers and hazelnut creamer too! :)


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