Art at church

This morning I purposely put my journal in my bag before heading out the door to church, knowing I would doodle during the sermon!

A part of me feels that posting another doodle is a cop-out for Art Every Day Month...on some level I believe I need to take this month to try new and increasingly difficult pieces of art.

I pondered adding watercolor to this piece, as a way of clearly differentiating it from my previous doodles but ultimately decided my art is ok...Just As It Actually Is.


  1. wow that must have been a long sermon...;)))
    great page of art...the screen adds to the doodle as an extension

  2. This is a wonderful image. I love the contrast next to the fall foliage.

  3. i think this is fantastic! not a cop out at all. part of making this process work is making art that's enjoyable for you. some days that may mean doing something that challenges you and other days it'll mean doing something that just flows out of you effortlessly. and both are perfectly valid and important expressions! :-)

  4. This looks so intricate. It reminds me at first glance of a maze. I think it is fine to have done another doodle. You need to please yourself.

  5. I'm so glad I discovered you through AEDM -- I'm in love with your Flickr account and will have to make more time to go back through each section more slowly!

    Beautiful doodles. My sister had an art exhibit last year in a gallery whose owner discovered someone now famous for his doodles on post-its, of all things. So you just never know.

    I say follow your intuition and your hand may show you where it wants to go with this :)

  6. Beautiful pattern! I love doodles and especially these patterns, they are mesmerizing to look at. I think it's great as is...or if you feel like adding color that would be another experiment!

  7. Nice Blog.

    Thanks for visiting mine.

    Doodling counts!!!!


  8. i LOVE your art and love this doodle... i think the black and white is quite striking, actually... and i especially love that you doodled during church... what better way to go to a church service than with a heart so wide open... your art a cop-out?... it isn't possible :)


  9. Doodles ARE ART!! I don't know who came up with the concept that art = intricate masterpiece but it is SO yesterday!!
    I have this 'thing' going with my art (and life) now, where I act on inspired thinking. So if it feels good ~ I do it! No apologies, no cop outs, just pure flowing creative energy that fels so positive and nurturing. and then one thing leads to the next! My skills grow, as does my confidence by doing it this way. I also do my best not to get bogged down doing stuff I feel I 'should' do rather than I want to do (this one is taking a bit of practice though!). I still do chores and stuff, of course, but I try to do them from a mindset of choice rather than an 'I have to'. It's working so far!
    Beautiful doodle!


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