Noticing the Good Things

** sharpened colored pencils
** romantic movies
** smiles showing slightly crooked teeth
** crisp white shirts
** soy candles
** Susan Sarandon's voice
** short fingernails
** the smell of rain
** tango music
** how clean teeth feel after flossing
** pearl earrings
** a fire crackling in a stone fireplace
** expertly applied eye makeup
** looking at old photos
** sitting outside at Starbucks with my grandma
** the underside of a rose
** gardening gloves
** the reflection of trees in puddles
** wooden matches
** making footprints in damp sand
** cuff links
** the outline of pine trees against a deep blue sky
** flannel pajamas
** freckles
** orchids
** cloth napkins
** warm hugs
** the way eyes sparkle with happiness
** pure white hair
** rereading letters from friends
** taking self portraits
** beautiful postage stamps
** playing hymns on the piano
** rustic barns
** the quiet of a library
** fireflies
** a large glass of ice water with lemon
** the smell of bubble gum
** orange Volvo station wagons
** full length mirrors
** the shine of a recently waxed floor
** the smell of brownies baking
** tiny diamond nose rings
** the smell of a baby's head
** a handful of shiny quarters
** front loading washing machines
** weather suitable for jean jackets

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  1. mmm... love your list... love the smiles, and the fun, the yummies, the emotions... the shifting...

    right now i am loving relief from my headache, the golden glow outside as the sun is getting ready to set, the sounds of soulful music, the cooler days (finally), the chirps and clicks of the hummingbirds at the feeders, the feel of my hair on my back, wearing sweatpants, desperately craving a warm brownie, and spending a few moments with my lovely friend at her beautiful blog...


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