I remain,

** enjoying eggnog in my morning coffee...decadent!
** looking forward to watching Buffy Halloween episodes tonight
** happy I was able to go to the new cupcake house in town...pumpkin chocolate cupcakes are delish
** grateful this morning's rain has ceased
** putting a photo shoot with Shauna on my wishlist
** excited to learn I have two books on hold at the library
** grateful for the vibrant colors of autumn


  1. hey! Thanks for the shout-out - I'd love to do a photo shoot with you!

  2. Anonymous31.10.09

    Hello there. Just found your blog and I am in love with your blogging style. Wonderful. I am going to add to you to a little post that I am doing- hope that's okay.

    Take Care and I will be back!

  3. Pumpkin chocolate cupcakes!! Yum! I want to try that!


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