Gratitude list

** I am grateful for time with my sister...enjoying laughs, chocolate and coffee
** I am grateful for neighbors who are big into decorating for the holidays
** I am grateful for the ease of printing photos with Shutterfly and the joy of looking through photos of family
** I am grateful for watercolor paint and the ability to put color on paper
** I am grateful for bobby pins and the ability to keep my hair out of my eyes
** I am grateful for pen and paper and making lists
** I am grateful for the view from my window of beautiful trees and the changing colors of their leaves
** I am grateful for dark jeans and the way they make me feel instantly slimmer
** I am grateful for the garbage service that operates rain or shine so consistently
** I am grateful for the library and the ability to check out The 21-day Consciousness Cleanse
** I am grateful for the ability to make a second pot of coffee in the afternoon and the time to enjoy it at home


  1. Three cheers for bobby pins (I use them ALL the time), and three cheers for those beautiful blue eyes of yours!

  2. Jen, you look transformed in this photo.
    So pretty.
    And relaxed.


Sparklepoints to you for sharing!