Continuing to notice the Good Things

walking with my sister in NW Portland

** plush bath towels
** stretching
** window screens
** taking a nap on a sun-drenched couch
** pink lip gloss
** johnny depp
** walks on the beach
** falling asleep to the sound of the ocean
** mechanical pencils
** smiles revealing dimples
** brightly colored tights
** skipping down the sidewalk
** sterling silver jewelry
** live music
** sugar cubes
** dutch braids
** glass doorknobs
** college rule notebook paper
** polka dots
** tiny marshmallows topping a mug of hot chocolate
** thumbtacks
** ceiling fans
** imagination

1 comment:

  1. i really love this photo of you and your sister...i love the rays of sunshine spilling down over you both and the look on your faces... i would love to know what you were talking about, even more so to have walked with you (and definitely gone skipping down that street in the sun)

    i'm coughing up a storm with this recent visit of a cold/flu and feeling pretty miserable, but i have to admit i am kind of enjoying the deep, raspy, throaty quality to my voice :) ... oh, and a big yes to everything on your list that brings comfort to my aching body... love the bath towels, stretching, would love to nap on a sun-drenched couch...

    and dutch braids... wow... haven't done those since i was little... i wonder if i still could? ... i'll have to find a tutorial somewhere and try... :)


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