Thank you for everything, I have no complaint whatsoever

** wind flowing in through the windows
** warm water in the shower
** extra blankets in the cool of the evening
** the ability to wash clothes on my schedule
** taking a little nap after lunch
** coffee with cream from a friendly barista
** learning my sister and her husband found a cute apartment and get to move in today
** making plans to see my sister this weekend
** weather cool enough to wear a cute hooded sweatshirt
** house sitting in the country with 3 obedient dogs and plenty of good movies
** finding pale pink nail polish I forgot I owned and painting my nails and feeling so girly
** a kind and calm conversation with a woman from citibank

These are great gratitude lists:
~ Betsy Cradic
~ Sarah Blanshan
~ A Holy Experience
~ Talk at the Table
~ One Thing


  1. Love your nails! =)

  2. I am jealous of your pretty, white teeth. Just lovely.


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