The sun rises in Iowa, September 15, 2009.

Yesterday I became facebook friends with a woman I have known for almost 30 years. During the past 2 decades we have been out of touch, with the exception of a couple quick "hellos" at events. As soon as she accepted my friend request she wrote a note saying "...we must keep in touch..." While in the past I would read a comment like this and nod my head and then promptly forget about it and not follow through, this time those simple words really struck a chord in me.

Earlier this week I took a cross country road trip with one of my favorite people...moving his life from Oregon to Chicago. I was so grateful for the opportunity to travel down the interstate and spend time with my friend...talking and not talking, stopping at multiple rest areas and gas stations and meeting some very friendly strangers. I felt honored to be part of an event that felt so momentous. I thought back to other big events I have participated in with friends and thought about how awesome it is to be invited into another's life and hold the space with them. I also thought about friends with whom I participate in a lot of tiny adventures... going out for breakfast, watching a movie, getting groceries, playing a game.

When I returned home from my road trip I had two handwritten cards waiting for me. One was a note from a sweet friend and one was a simple postcard from a stranger. Both were a delight to read and got me thinking about the power of sharing feelings via pen and paper. I am getting some ideas about incorporating letters and notes into my life in a much bigger way and it feels exciting!

Besides friendship I am also enjoying:
* Glee
* buying Great Value items...I like the simplicity of design and the prices are good too
* making todo lists of tiny tasks and feeling good when I check them off as COMPLETE
* unnecessaryquotes
* listening to Boyz II Men with the volume turned up really loud

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