Loving what is

** learning of 3 deaths this week that impact people I know
** realizing again how we are all so intricately connected
** crying while watching the documentary Playing for Change
** thinking I need to find a piano to play...soon and regularly
** welcoming my sister and her husband to Oregon
** adjusting my schedule to accommodate home viewings
** brewing a second pot of coffee in the afternoon
** realizing my sweater is missing two buttons
** realizing my friend has oodles of buttons and will probably share with me
** a change in my work schedule for tonight and tomorrow
** a sense of calmness and go-with-the-flowness about schedule changes
** splashes of sunlight on the porch and sidewalk
** a neighbor boy sitting on his lawn with his puppy in his arms and a smile on his face
** a solitary Friday night
** looking forward to getting into pajamas at 5p

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