I remain,

** loving Come on up to the House by Sarah Jarosz
** creating multiple playlists on Imeem and being continually amazed at all the fabulous music in the world
** listening to a neighbor water her lawn
** spying a bluebird perched on the telephone wire with something round grasped tightly in his beak
** thinking about relationships...how to grow some and trim others
** enjoying the simplicity of a single white candle glowing in the window
** always inspired by the photos at
Mister Mort

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  1. I very much like the photo. Wow. It evokes fading away... or fading into view.

    It reminds me of an old myth, a myth that says that the Elder Brother soul - who eventually was called Jesus - incarnated many times before his Jesus life. One of them was as Amelius... the life before he was Adam.

    In the story, he hasn't ever incarnated, and is making a case to his Father for sparing humanity. "They are my friends, my children, who have gotten lost. Please agree to let me incarnate. Then they can see and hear me, and will listen, and find the way back."

    Father was reluctant, fearing that he would lose his 'only begotten son' to the distractions of the physical. He finally relented, but only allowing his son to incarnate partially... just to the point of visibility, but not to the point of physicality.

    As it turns out, while the 'lost' incarnated souls could see him, he wasn't effective in getting his point across. So, once again he pleaded, but this time for full incarnation. "They could see me," he said, "but I was too easy to ignore. I simply must incarnate fully in order to speak to them." Again, after much discourse, father agreed. And so, the son went into the world again, this time as Adam.

    You picture makes me wonder how to better fade in why I am here.

    (Joanne recommended your site to me. Glad to meet you.)


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