Happiness is...

**walking quietly down the sidewalk and being startled by a small, barking dog and breathing a sigh of relief when realizing the dog is fenced in
** cleaning a large number of small ants off the kitchen counters
** uncertainty in the areas of work and housing...a situation that brings opportunity and newness
** making task lists and not quite finishing them
** feeling like someone is hearing but not listening...so finding different ways to communicate my message
** getting up because it's 7a but not feeling really rested and realizing moms probably do this A LOT and being child-free I have the option to take a nap later if desired
** sharing pizza with a 3 pack of teenage boys
** helping a friend update her facebook page
** looking at the photos from the beach trip and feeling so grateful my brothers have children that I can interact with
** riding in the sidecar of a cool motorcycle

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