Glimpses of the weekend

** taking photos of myself singing happy birthday in order to send one to my friend Tracy who celebrates her birthday tomorrow
** going to a parking lot sale and spotting a lovely pink bathrobe/housecoat and envisioning wearing it with a sparkly tiara on my head and a martini in my hand
** getting scratched by my housemate's cat when trying to bring him back inside after he escaped to the yard for fresh air and new smells
** taking my friend Sarah to a soccer game and witnessing her excitement at each goal
** reading a mystery on the deck at my favorite Newberg coffee shop...enjoying the breeze, the chatter of people sitting at ajoining tables, savoring my coffee
** writing a note to a woman who lost her husband last week
** laughing and sharing during a 90 minute phone call with my sister
** watching a Hallmark Original Movie
** laughing out loud when reading 10 things you probably shouldn't say to a friend who doesn't have children

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