I remain,

** happy I was unexpectedly able to spend time with a friend last weekend...we ate delicious Mexican food and watched a quirky foreign film
** appreciating What Happens to a Gift you Refuse to Accept by Hiro Boga
** delighted with the tapping scripts offered at EFT Tapping Words
** mildly crabby about the prediction of hot weather this week
** happy I could spend time with my grandma on Sunday
** pondering Naikan Therapy after reading an article about it in a vintage copy of The Sun...this example of daily Naikan reflection is fascinating to me
** realizing that a lot of the time when I'm frustrated with someone's behavior if I STOP and think about it...they have done a lot more great things than frustrating things over the life of our relationship
** excited one of my friends is interested in receiving a reiki treatment from me


  1. very cool shot jen!

  2. oooh yes... i've loved learning about Naikan for a few years now... the practice is a really wonderful method of self reflection...

    i always love visiting here and getting excited and sometimes re-excited over the things you post :)


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