I like it!

In May of 2008 I bought my first (and so far only) digital camera. I went with a pretty simple point and shoot and did not read the manual, opting instead to learn by doing. I have taken photos almost every day since my camera arrived from Amazon.

One of my favorite subjects is my teenage friend Sarah. This photo is one of the best ones I have ever taken of her. It shows her beauty and her fun sense of style...if you look closely you can see her blue nail polish! Sarah's dad saw this photo and said he was willing to spend up to $100 to get a large print of it. When I heard that my heart was full of happiness (and a smidge of pride) and I felt recognized as an artist/photographer!

Today I also like:
** a big spinach salad topped with a hard boiled egg, rice, beans and salsa
** text messages from friends
** realizing it's ok to feel hungry...the sun doesn't stop shining, I am still able to function...and it makes my spinach salad taste even better
** the beauty of Praying in Color (link from Lanie)
** the vibrancy of You Can't Be Serious (link from Deb)


  1. You are a great artist! Love the picture too!

  2. you are a wonderful artist and incredible photographer... this is a beautiful portrait of Sarah, and it is no wonder her dad would want a print of it... there are those moments with a photograph where the artist has gone beyond the physical and captured something far deeper... this is one of those moments of magic...

    thank you for sharing your beautiful heart :)


  3. That is a perfect photo of Sarah. Perfect work. Highest level.

    How'd you get all the background black?

    Annie Leibowitz could have done no better. First rate. Could win prizes. Etc!



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