Happiness is...

** spending time with friends this afternoon...eating and laughing and playing Bocce
** working in the yard for 3 hours...getting some exercise and spending time outside instead of in front of the computer
** filling out paperwork in preparation for meeting with a job placement service...I like to have all my information completed (in nice handwriting)
** the opportunity to listen to one of my friends preach
** buying 20 oz of hot & delicious coffee
** creating a photo book for my grandma
** listening to Clarinet Concerto in A Major by Mozart...I always associate this with the movie Green Card (one of my all time favorite movies)
** creating a list of actions I'd like to take this week...I get so much pleasure for checking things off my task list!
** gazing at Phaedra's new banner on Skinnykids...so beautiful and peaceful
** watching Julie and Julia in a nearly empty theater on a Friday afternoon

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