Gratitude list

Today I am grateful for:

** the opportunity to talk with my sister at the drop of a hat
** the steaming cup of black breakfast tea I had while watching Country Music Television with my friend
** an unexpected affirmation from a Facebook friend
** Imeem and Pandora and all the wonderful music they make available at the push of a button
** the ability to join photo groups on Flickr...and the instant sense of community that comes from looking at others' photos
** an invitation to spend time at the beach with some of my family
** my consistency in keeping a money journal and the insights that I get from reviewing it
** high-speed internet at home
** decent dental floss that allows me to get popcorn out of my teeth!
** my ability to sleep almost anywhere

1 comment:

  1. Hi Penpal,

    I just love your gratitude lists. We would all benefit greatly by doing this each and every day.

    Sorry I haven't written back yet like I promised. I went to AZ to visit my Mom and then have going back and forth to a town 2 hours away while my FIL's health declined rapidly and he passed away last week. Crazy life!

    Hope to get a new letter out to you soon though. Wanted you to know I haven't not forgotten your sweet self!



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