Gratitude list

** I was able to work from home today
** I had the time and energy to go for a 4 mile walk this morning
** the library had surfing magazines for sale for $.10 and I snapped them up!
** I was able to speak with my mom on her birthday

** I have eyes that see the beauty of nature...even when roses are wilted and dying they're beautiful
** I applied for a job this afternoon instead of just thinking "it would be a good idea to apply"
** I received a long and news-filled letter from a friend yesterday
** I get to house sit in Portland this weekend
** people are so creative :'s a pretty rainbow cake!


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  1. I have noticed that about you, that you're good at seeing beauty in so many things and people.

    I dreamed I saw you in person the other day, and we hugged and smiled. :)


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