Summertime and I've noticed...

** my gut reaction is to be crabby on hot days....even when I stop and realize it's a gut reaction the crabby gene still activates when it's over 80 and goes full blown when it's anywhere near 90
** eating a cucumber fresh from the fridge is really refreshing....I expect fresh from the garden would be great too but I am garden-free
** I feel better when I drink water and leave diet soda alone
** the idea of a concert in the park is tempting, but the reality of sitting in a crowd on a hot evening does not appeal
** I love to look at pictures of the ocean
** the Beach Boys can pull me out of a funk
** it is a great idea to wake up early and enjoy cool breezes
** I haven't seen many school age kids around town this summer
** the red headed teen girl I did see running a raffle at the farmers' market last week was so cute and engaging and made me wonder how I came across to adults when I was a teenager
** short shorts are a cooling option...inside the house only
** in a couple months it will be fall and I will be able to happily wear sweaters again

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