Lately I've noticed...

** the neighbor's dog whines and whimpers when put out at 8a each morning
** one of the cats likes to rest 1/2 on the windowsill and 1/2 on a tiny a way the looks so uncomfortable to me
** the luminous smile (with cute crooked teeth) of the guy who swapped out our electric meter today
** how nice it is to have a ceiling fan going on a hot afternoon
** that my body lets me know when I need to eat...and usually what to eat...I think this is amazing
** the beautiful breezes in the morning and evening
** my creativity flows easier when my outside surroundings are clean and clutter-free
** how beautiful produce a garden, at the farmers market, at the grocery store
** my friend's generosity in letting me use her car while she's on vacation
** sometimes it's fun to wear ponytails


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  1. I love ponytails too. Who says you can't wear ponytails at 30. Great pics too!


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