I remain,

** amazed by how much I am learning about myself through my money journal
** realizing I have More Than Enough
** continuing to pare down my stuff
** thinking about what really matters to me
** grateful for the internet and the ability to access and store things digitally/remotely
** amazed at the number of white hairs I found while combing my hair this morning
** appreciating candid photos and realizing we don't have to smile to be pretty/cute/handsome
** enjoying my inexpensive watercolors
** enjoying my pumpkin spice candle and the way it reminds me of Thanksgiving and family
** wondering when I forgot how much I like Lyle Lovett

1 comment:

  1. joanne13.7.09

    hooray for white hairs (they aren't gray ... why do we call them that??)... i LOVE mine (and they are expanding like wildfire)... i hope you love yours too...

    and we don't have to smile for a picture or be anything other than what we are in any moment... and love what we are wherever we are... don't you love that?

    i love this photo of you...



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