I remain,


** grateful it is 10 degrees cooler today and I am comfortable in an air-conditioning free house
** listening to my Justin Timberlake station on Pandora
** happy I could visit friends today and hear some of their vacation stories
** looking forward to enjoying my mint oreo blizzard later this afternoon
** grateful cell phones and the ability to speak with my sister almost any time I want
** enjoying Zoe's post on Why I'm Not Realistic
** grateful for Goodwill and the ability to purge items that no longer serve me
** thinking about how to incorporate the skills I've learned/honed while working as a caregiver into my current quest for work as an accountant
** amused at how frizzy my hair gets when I don't put any product in it
** listening to Playing for Change's version of One Love whenever I want a pick-me-up
** enamored with my piles of vintage photos


  1. I also enjoy Pandora, blizzards and Goodwill!! =) Have a great summer!!

  2. ooo... that blizzard sounds like heaven... haven't had one of those before!!!!

    me too on the frizzy hair with no product... it's amazing what it turns into isn't it?? amusing to say the least :)

    beautiful photo, Jen... love love your list

    (hoping we get to see some of your vintage photos)


  3. I'm grateful for the sweet letter that came in the mail from my cool Artful Penpal! Thanks Jen! I haven't forgotten you... I promise!

    I posted about your letter and linked to your blog.



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