Gratitude list

Today I picked up keys and a car from my friends who I start housesitting for on Sunday. It is such a blessing to have use of a car! Today I drove to the bus stop and went into Portland to meet a friend for lunch. We ate Japanese food...which I am always in the mood for...and laughed and shared stories from our life. On the bus I watched people interact with two beautiful babies and listened as moms swapped information about diapers, baby food and cute clothes. Before coming home I stopped at the grocery store and found spinach on sale for $1 a bag...such a great deal and just what I wanted! As I was checking out I heard a mom and her son discussing candy bars and they decided to each get 2 because it was buy 2 get 2 free.

Gratitude: housesitting opportunities, use of a car, friends, laughing, beautiful babies, unexpected sales, interaction of family members

For the past week I have had a cold sore and L-Lysine was recommended to me by a very kind worker at the grocery store. I like the idea of treating the sore from the inside (but I am using ointment too!) and I love learning about new ways to heal and soothe my body. Interestingly although the cold sore has been so obvious to me I have not had anyone in my life even notice it. Realizing this gave me a sense of freedom and a realization that I don't need to worry/obsess about appearance.

Gratitude: learning new things, healing, kindness of people

Gratitude: cherries, cherries, cherries

As each day comes to us refreshed and anew, so does my gratitude renew itself daily.
The breaking of the sun over the horizon is my grateful heart dawning upon a blessed world.
~Adabella Radici

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