Taking creative action

On Sunday night I was feeling a little crabby....sitting on the deck with a glass of wine and my thoughts. I knew that one way to get out of my funk was to do something for someone else and get my mind off myself.

I had my watercolor paints and a fresh pad of paper and decided to write a love note to my friend Erin. I did not spend a lot of time thinking about what would be the most poignant observations or the funniest or the most tender....I just let my pen write what popped into my head within a space of about 10 minutes. As I was writing I was smiling because every statement brought Erin's face to my mind...or reminded me of an experience we'd shared.

I doodled the border and used my watercolors to add some color. I am historically I big fan of glitter glue but I liked the simplicity of the black pen and paint. At the end of the love note I was in a happy and grateful mood and as an added bonus felt great about taking time to be creative!

I am inspired in creativity by:
* Dancing Mermaid...leader of the Mermaid Art Course and Mini-Mermaid Warriors e-course for girls
* David Horvitz and his creative prompts
* Heidi Burton and her affirmations
* Feed Your Soul the free art project
* Doodlers Anonymous a home for spontaneous art

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