I first learned of micromovements from SARK. They are tiny, tiny little steps you can take toward completions in your life.

I created these affirmations in a session of steps so tiny that in listing them it seems almost comical:
1. open suitcase of art supplies
2. find blank tablet of paper
3. locate bag of pens
4. decide on fine black pen as best tool for drawing and writing
5. glance at bag of paints
6. decide on watercolor paint as easy way to color drawings
7. find one paintbrush and go with it
8. eat a piece of chocolate
9. sit on the deck with supplies in front of me
10. draw one face
11. write one affirmation
12. eat a piece of chocolate
13. draw additional faces
14. finish affirmations
15. play Frisbee with the dogs
16. paint all the lips pink

You get the idea! This method of processing creativity really works for me and inspires me to keep going.

I thought about my remainings and happiness lists and wondered if I could apply the micromovements process to them....could I find even tinier things to notice and be grateful for? Yes!

Sitting at the coffee shop at noon on Wednesday I remain,
* intrigued by the grey haired gentleman across the room wearing suspenders and reading the paper
* smiling at a tiny toddler in a green and blue striped shirt
* listening to the sound of the chef's knife hitting the chopping board on the other side of the swinging door
* noticing the window is covered with water spots
* enjoying the circular water spots left on the table by my sweating glass
* thankful for the soft breeze circulating around the room from the ceiling fan
* noticing the contrast of my white paper agazinst the green table
* hearing the high pitched squealing of a baby and the lower pitched "it's ok" reply from the mom

* watching a woman walk through the coffee shop 3 times...twice with drinks and once with food
* wondering who will benefit from the treats this woman bought


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  1. This reminds me of Baby Steps, Jen.
    And I like it.
    It sounds like you are doing *so much!*


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