Happiness is...

pretty at the park, originally uploaded by jennifer.knutson.

** having the dogs I'm sitting listen when I say "Quiet. No Bark."
** successfully walking 3 (pretty big) dogs at a time
** boarding a bus downtown and sitting by an open window so the cool morning air flows across my neck
** having a stranger say "I like your hair!"
** buying an all day bus pass so I can go where I want when I want
** eating fish tacos on the deck
** taking a nap in the late afternoon
** the ability to go to a midweek farmers market


  1. i love this photo... the colors are just so sensual...

    your list is awesome today... doesn't it feel great when someone comments on your hair? i love that too!

    and naps in the late afternoon are so incredibly delicious...

    sending you smiles and hugs


  2. your flower shots are getting more and more stunning with every one i see!


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