I approve of myself...


** even when I eat a Hershey's bar mere moments after declaring "today will be candy-free"
** when I get up and go to the early church service
** even when I opt out of meet and greet time at church....choosing to sit in my seat instead of wandering around shaking hands with strangers
** when I take time to throw the Frisbee for the dogs
** when I stop at the local fruit stand to stock up on strawberries
** even when I stop working in my art journal after completing just two pages
** when I take photos of my daily life and in so doing realize (again) how much beauty if everywhere
** even though sometimes I think my blog is so self-centered as to be borderline pointless
** even when I screen calls
** even when I am initially crabby to strangers who show up at the door unexpectedly

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  1. What I love about your blog is the utter simplicity of thought. You do an excellent job of focusing on the small things in life that I tend to (unfortunately) completely ignore. Reading your posts always reminds me to "stop and smell the flowers."

    For at least ten minutes...until my brain gets preoccupied with "stuff" and I forget the flowers exist.

    So I come back here for coaching.


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