Happiness is...

** the guy making my vanilla latte who says "Take it easy! I'll see you later!" as he hands me my drink
** enjoying a bowl of ice cream topped with fresh strawberries

** recognizing someone at the Farmer's Market and taking the time/opportunity to say "Hi!"
** taking time to read before hauling out my computer at the coffee shop

** wearing a bright orange baseball cap and 2 ponytails
** hearing groups of women laugh and talk at the tables near mine at the coffee shop

** eating freshly picked organic lettuce without any dressing
** remembering to water the cherry tomato plants on these hot days


  1. I love the close of picture of the dog! What a sweet dog!! Are those the dogs you are caring for? How fun is that!

  2. great shots jen! i especially love the shadow one and the close up of such an adorable dog!

    hope you are well!


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