Yesterday I had the opportunity to spend time with my friend Grayden. A couple years ago I lived with his family and I have known him since the day he was born. He is very fond of gum and candy, climbing trees, finding pretty rocks, playing fetch with the dogs and having one on one attention. During our time together he climbed 3 apple trees, did a breakdancing/tumbling routine on the front yard, ate a lot of candy, and picked ET for our afternoon movie.
Grayden has always loved to mix things in the kitchen...kind of like a scientist. Many times I have watched him mix drinks that would make me gag...and sometimes he will complete a funky concoction, have a single sip and put it down the drain! Yesterday I had a bottle of water and he had a can of Sprite...first we added a tiny bit of Sprite to my water and then made a pitcher of fruit punch and added a little bit of that to the mix. It was surprisingly light and refreshing....thank you Grayden!
I am so grateful!
* Grayden likes spending time with me...and keeps me from taking things too seriously
* the house I'm sitting has air conditioning
* I was able to speak with my sister yesterday
* my neighbors are very kind and approachable



  1. i so love these portraits of grayden! i especially love how you framed the shot with the leaf! wonderful.

  2. i love the smiles in your photos... and i love friends who remind us not to take life (or ourselves) too seriously...

    sending a big hug and smile to Grayden and you...



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