Observations from the pew

This morning I sat in the back row at church. This is (some of) my experience:

: a beautiful and sophisticated Asian woman in the pew in front of me...her striking grey hair matched her jacket perfectly
: a little baby boy with rosy cheeks and chubby hands falling asleep in his father's arms
: the pastor saying "fester" which reminded me of Meg Ryan's character in French Kiss when she says "fester fester fester rot rot rot" (!)
: a lady nodding at points she liked in the sermon
: the smell of mothballs...like maybe someone had recently retrieved their spring wardrobe from storage
: a warm greeting from a man in a black leather vest
: worship songs led by a choir of 16 little kids
: some kids in the choir joining in when the audience started clapping to an upbeat song
: the man next to me pointing out his daughter in the choir and videotaping her with a smile on his face
: a beautiful little girl catching her mother's eye as she sang a solo

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