Happiness is...

beauty at the bus stop, originally uploaded by jennifer.knutson.

** finding my bus stop at the transit center...it has been confusing me for the past 2 visits and I finally realized it was right in front of my face the entire time
** having a seatmate on the bus who was wearing nice cologne...and not too much of it (!)
** hearing a brother and sister quiz each other on math while riding the bus
** waking up consistently at 6:30a without an alarm
** receiving inspiring newsletters via email....I am delighted and amazed by all the information that is freely given
** remembering to call my Grandma and learning she had it on her list to call me the very same day
** laughing uncontrollably with my housemate during the American Idol results show


  1. such a stunning image jen!
    you totally captured the magnificence of magnolias!

  2. this is such a gorgeous image... it just explodes with joy...

    and as always, i am so uplifted and inspired by your list... every single one a pearl...

    thank you for being you :)



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