Pieces of me

These women represent parts of me...I am reading Debbie Ford's book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and she suggested naming pieces of your persona and having conversations with them...to learn what gifts these pieces bring into your life.

She notes that through the act of giving the piece a name, we can take away some of the emotional charge behind the piece. If someone close to me says "You are being stubborn", I usually clam up and get very defensive. If they said "It sounds like Stubborn Stella is out right now....I am having difficulty with her" I would probably start laughing and move more quickly out of stubbornness to love.

I came up with 15 pieces of myself last night and I know I could come up with many more! I had fun assigning names to each woman and trying to capture what they might look like. I noticed all of mine have perfect eyesight, clear complexions and unique choices of hair color....I haven't processed what this means!


  1. what a great, great idea... i really like how you have found a way personally to feel more comfortable becoming aware of and learning from the different parts of "you" ... we all have so many sides to our personalities and each visitor has something to teach us...
    wonderful inspiration you have provided!

  2. Jen, I want to be friends with Processing Penelope. Her hair is beautiful and her mouth so lush. She reminds me of Kelsey.

    I especially like that you are creating real images of your abstract self in a book. You love books!


Sparklepoints to you for sharing!