Happiness is...

** going to Art Media and buying a 10x10 canvas at 75% off
** taking photos on the third day in a row of beautiful sun
** finishing tax returns
** watching The Secret Life of Bees and surprising myself by really liking it
** buying frozen mango slices and micro greens at Trader Joe's
** reading Betsy's letter to her mother-in-love
** joining Dancing Mermaid's Mermaid Warriors Training Course
** entering
Blossoming: a give*away


  1. i LOVE that you are taking the Mermaid Warriors course... it sounds so incredibly fun and what a wonderful idea... to bring that kind of experience into the lives of little girls...

    and wooohoooo on the canvas sale... i LOVE those too... (doing a little happy dance to celebrate)...

    and yay for finishing your tax returns... i will very happy when i can do that happy dance too...

    have a wonder-filled weekend,

  2. as you know - i happily received your blossoming give*away entry ;)
    in joy,


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