Happiness is...

** buying my first box of Samoas of this year : thank you Girl Scouts!
** watching leaves burst out on the tree in the front yard
** walking by a tiny house with at least 100 daffodils blooming along it's white picket fence
** finding mangoes on sale
** being spotted by a friend at the grocery store and getting a huge hug
** wearing corduroy pants and feeling so comfy
** finding out about Ignite Portland
** walking to church and sitting behind an adorable, smiling toddler
** a 3 shot americano that is so smooth
** an introduction to Platform 21 via Old Soul Ink


  1. Jen, we bought a box (our one and only) of Samoas too! They are re-named but we still call them Samoas. They are mostly gone...

  2. oooo... samoas are my favorites!!! yum...

    and i just love the hug from your friend... what an awesome trip to the grocery store that was!


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