Happiness is...

** the kindness of friends and strangers...thank you for the encouraging comments on my last post
** trying on jeans and deciding not to buy some that fit "ok"
** spotting the sun from behind a blanket of clouds
** getting tiny glimpses into my friends' lives via facebook
** rereading The Aladdin Factor
** getting HBO free for a month...hello Big Love! hello Flight of the Conchords!
** reading Why Minutia Matters to Me
** riding a new commuter rail for the first time & hearing a little girl exclaim to her mom "This ride is a great surprise! Look, Mom! There's a river!"
** eating beautiful blood oranges


  1. Jen, I just noticed your fingernails. I love dark polish. And I want to ride the new rail with you. Weee!

  2. Anonymous25.2.09

    It is so cool! Actually....they keep it very nicely heated; it has plush seats and goes through a part of town I rarely see. Fun! Come join me!

  3. I bet it is still quite clean since it is so new. I hope it stays clean and quiet. Like me!



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