Happiness is...

** receiving a valentine from my niece and nephew...packed with adorable photos (and 3 little candy bars!)
** spending time with one of my long-time friends
** remembering to get poster board for my vision boards
** waking myself up from a dream with laughter
** drinking b-relaxed vitamin water
** spotting crocuses popping up in the front yard

"You belong to love as wheels belong to roads, as grapes belong to the blossoming of taste, as corn belongs to crows, as shadows belong to the ache of heat, as happiness belongs to the capricious pangs of the soul."

"May the color blue behold your body while sun washes your shoulders near the window. May your lips refuse the kiss unless your heart is home. May euphoria find you in the place where you are lonely. May you light a billion candles with your mind."

~Wolff Bowden via
Rob Brezsney

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