Happiness is...

** listening to sounds from the kitchen of someone else doing the dishes
** experiencing the hush in the air as snow falls
** wearing hand lotion that smells like pine trees...I didn't know if I would find it soothing or irritating....happily it makes me think of a calm, still forest
** the simplicity of Nectar & Light
** making plans to bake a cake and a reason to wear my new apron
** watching What's Under Your Hat and remembering that documentaries are my favorite type of film (with possible exception being films starring Johnny Depp)
** the idea of wearing November perfume
** changing my Word of the Year from receive to whimsy....receive was feeling too heavy and dense like a weight around my neck and something I was having trouble welcoming into my life : whimsy feels light and airy and easy to pluck out of the air as it swirls around me...it also feels pink and sparkly(!)

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  1. i love the word whimsy...it does feel light and airy and pink and sparkly...and...whimsical :)

    baking a cake sounds like a really, really inspired plan!


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