When I started Misty's art journal challenge I was fired up : it was the beginning of a new month, a new year, a new project : I was excited and ready to commit! As the month wore on I became a little lethargic and resistant to creative prompts, but when I read the War of Art and learned about how sneaky and persistent Resistance is, I knew I needed to keep going and finish the journal. Over the weekend I created multiple pages : waiting impatiently for the collage pauge to dry on one page so I could begin the next. I sorted through many saved images, deciding which were (at least in the moment) journal worthy and which were headed for the recycle bin. I currently have 10 pages left in this journal and I am already thinking about what to use for my next journal! Take that, Resistance!

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  1. take that! is right, jen.

    ps. the blue/green hair is awesome.


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