Happiness is...

** making a big pot of black bean soup
** sweeping the steps and deciding not to mop them
** taking the time to shave my legs and realizing how much more ladylike I feel with shaved legs(!)
** finding unexpected deals at the grocery store
** taking the time to make stove top oatmeal this morning
** inviting Landon & Grayden over to watch a movie and eat candy
** falling gracefully off the Daily Art Journal wagon


  1. Jen, I like the last collage the most b/c of the maroon spiral that crosses over the page. "I go where I want."

  2. i love the "i go where i want" spirit too...which is so insightful of Nette to say...that's exactly why i like visiting here so much ... and i was thinking the other day how i really would love a bowl of "real" oatmeal...


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