My word of the year : 2009

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In mid-December I started thinking about my word of the year and quickly realized it would be receive.  

When I thought of this word I thought of how I do not often receive compliments with ease, how I struggle with receiving criticism and how it is sometimes hard for me to receive love.  As I looked over the definitions below I realized I would like to receive guests into my home and I wondered what things I would like to accept as true or valid in 2009.

Quick definitions (receive)

▸ verb:  get something; come into possession of
▸ verb:  have or give a reception
▸ verb:  regard favorably or with disapproval
▸ verb:  accept as true or valid 
▸ verb:  convert into sounds or pictures 
▸ verb:  express willingness to have in one's home
▸ verb:  of mental or physical states or experiences
▸ verb:  bid welcome to; greet upon arrival

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