AJ9, originally uploaded by jennifer.knutson.

I guess today's color was green but I had pink in my head...so that's what I did! I pulled all these beautiful clothes out of the latest Boden catalog. You can find more art journalers here on Misty's site.


  1. I am enjoying your art journal...makes me want one for myself.

  2. I recognize Boden when I see it, Jen! I was on their website yesterday, perusing for later purchase.

  3. i can't tell you how much i love this post...not merely for the gorgeous popping pink but also because you have provided for me by example an important lesson i continually need reminding of...i am so wobbly about blazing my own trail and feeling comfortable with expressing myself in my own unique way...however it might strike me to do that...you seem so comfortable with, and accepting of, yourself...what a wonderful role model for all of us...


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