AJ6 + Mondo Beyondo

I cut these pictures out a couple weeks ago and today I used collage pauge to put them in my journal. I love the strength in the faces...none of them are smiling a huge smile and I think this makes them more interesting (although I love big smiles).

I have been thinking about resolutions/goals/choices for the new year. I read Kelly Rae's post about her Mondo Beyondo list and how it came true and I was inspired to put my list together! I have been starting this list and saving drafts for several days...I don't know where my resistance comes from but I hear my gremlins shouting I "shouldn't post dreams in public so if they don't come true I won't be embarrassed". I thank my gremlins for their input and proceed.

My intentions for 2009:
* exercise and choose healthy foods instead of falling back on my shadow comforts of cheap chocolate and breads smothered in butter
* take adult swim lessons as the first step towards my lifelong dream of learning to surf
* begin writing letters again
* commit to morning pages
* revive my prayer life
* tithe as money comes in instead of keeping a tabulation and telling myself I'll tithe "later...in a lump sum"
* open a Roth IRA as a commitment to my future

Mondo Beyondo for 2009:
* buy a house that is simple and beautiful; designing a home that is welcoming and peaceful
* re-open my Etsy shop and be flooded with sales
* become accredited in Special Kids Photography
* spend a month in Spain
* take my sister to New York for a long weekend of fun and pampering
* buy a SMART car with cash
* fall in love


  1. Jen~ Thank you for being so candid. Oh, candor.
    To help with your Mondo Beyondo, I accept your invitation to NY and dare say we could stay beyond a weekend and into a week (or more)!

  2. What great lists! You go girl.


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