This is my self portrait for Misty Mawn's art journal project. I decided the thing to focus on today was curly hair!

Good things today:
* speaking with my sister
* eating delicious food
* walking before the rain came
* connecting with an old friend on facebook
* old monk shows...I love sharona
* listening to michael buble


  1. I love MONK! I am going to treat myself to a camera this comming payday! then you will need to visit my blog to check out my pics. miss ya Jen .... Call me I think you have a fuller agenda than I do these days.

  2. from one curly girl to another i love your self portrait today for the homage to the curl...

    and i also love how with very simple lines you have created a face where i really do see "you"...after being inspired by many of your self portrait photographs your drawing today amazes me for how you have captured an essence of you that i see in your photos...

    wonderful page

  3. YOU are so creative. And I enjoy listening to Michael Buble as well.


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