Today we were supposed to add embellishments to our journal page. I was going to get rid of all the items used in this page...but I am happy the garbage does not go out until Wednesday and I was able to give them a little bit of use!

I had a day of feeling not enough...
* not enough alone time
* not enough protein
* not enough flexibility
* not enough savings
* not enough water

Finally I became so overwhelmed with lack that I sat down and devoured a package of dark chocolate M&Ms....which only made my body scream ENOUGH SUGAR ALREADY!

I am getting back to a state of enoughness by:
* lighting a single white candle
* eating an avocado with a tangelo : lovely colors
* putting away my clean laundry
* drinking water with slices of fresh cucumber


  1. wonderful page...wonderful blog post...

    i need more self reminders of enoughness...making a list like this is a great idea...

    you are enough...

    ...and so am i :)

  2. Jen, this strip of lace sits just right on your blue paint so it looks like animation is about to start. It could move!

  3. Jen, every time I visit your blog I'm reminded I need to enjoy the simplicity in life more. Thank you for continually inspiring me. :)


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