For the yellow page I decided to use paint because I knew it would be vibrant and also because I didn't feel like searching for yellow images! I used two ink pads to add a little flair to the yellow.
As I was cleaning my room this afternoon (or more truthfully...rearranging my various piles of stuff) I came across a stash of images I'd cut out of a fashion magazine. I was enamored with the dress forms and the shades of grey and the curves. I put these pages together very quickly and then took a break to wash dishes. When I came back to my journal I immediately thought "I love this!" and knew I was relaxed and in my art zone.

I originally started this page because I happened across Justin Timberlake wearing yellow and thought it was perfect for today's theme. I purposely made this page full of people and did not try to make it look arty or sophisticated or good. My gremlins do not think this page is anything special but they appreciate any and all pictures of JT!

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