Quick & easy art

Although Art Every Day Month is over, I want to continue sharing art on a regular basis!

This afternoon I bought two Victoria magazines and a Martha Stewart magazine at the library and spent time cutting out pictures and phrases to create four collages. On the bottom collage I poured collage pauge on the mat board and layered the pictures onto it rather than putting glue on the back of each individual picture. I noticed that this made me a little frazzled because I felt rushed to put down pictures before the glue began to dry. My favorite collage is the first one ~ I think the little girl is adorable and I really like the simplicity.

I am so grateful!
** my afternoon walk was rain-free
** I have the equipment to take and share photos
** I have been healthy the entire year
** tomato soup and fresh bread are so tasty and easy to prepare
** Sarah shares about her days with humor

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