Happiness is...

** getting into pajamas at 5:00p
** eating a healthy dinner and drinking water after a day of coffee
** enjoying the snow from inside a warm, lighted home
** working on a new set of collages
** staring at self portraits that I initially don't like until I can see myself with love
** reading Finding Water and writing down quotes that make me feel encouraged
** thinking about the peanut butter m&ms I'm going to eat for a treat (while drinking more water!)
** making new friends...this is a big deal for me as I am very slow to expand my circle of friends


  1. that photo is happiness ~ you captured such beautiful light :)

    and i love all your happiness list, making new friends is a big deal for me too ... and now i am craving peanut butter m&ms ~ yum!!

  2. I had a client share a bag of almond m&m's with me yesterday. It was fun. And tasty.


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