Sweet little sayings

I created these on Sunday afternoon following a 30 minute leaf raking session. When I posted a set of these in October my sister asked me why they were in the past tense. I didn't have a good reason so I decided to write some in present tense! I used artist trading cards, a black pen and colored pencils. My favorite one is "she loves her red boots"...I have always loved red shoes and have wanted some boots for a long time!


  1. even before you said your favorite, mine, too was "She loves her red boots" because I still have my red (well they were) cowboy boots from when I was very small; daughter wore them when she was very small too. They are magic!

  2. Totally Caaaa-ute!!!!!


  3. Hi jen,

    These are so sweet! Have you ever thought of opening your own etsy shop?! and sell these?

    They are gorgeous! xx


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