I took these photos on Tuesday afternoon at a local coffee shop.

I was seated at a table waiting for my London Fog (which I highly recommend) and saw a cute older woman and her daughter at the table in front of me. The woman was so dainty and petite and her hair was a gorgeous, pure white and I really wanted to take a picture. I quietly took my camera out of my bag and turned it on, making sure the flash was turned off.....but I realized the daughter was facing me and could easily see me taking a photo. I became too shy/nervous to take one and turned my camera towards my feet when realized I was sitting at a table with cute and curvy legs.

I quietly took photos from different angles, laughing on the inside as the woman and her daughter discussed the soup (who puts noodles in beef vegetable?) and dessert (the cheesecake looks pretty good, Mom).

Also ordinary on Friday morning:
* the cat sitting on his favorite lounge by the window
* enjoying a quiet house while housemates are at work
* reading blogs and email
* taping a movie to watch after I get home from grocery shopping
* my hair looking a little frowsy because I did not choose to spend much time on it

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  1. My hair looks a little "frowsy" today too. :) I love that word.

    I liked your coffee shop story. It made me giggle to think of your quick recovery after nearly getting busted. I know the kind of gorgeous white hair that you're describing. I have a darling friend at church named Eleanor, and she has that hair. I hope I have it, too, when I'm older.


Sparklepoints to you for sharing!