My 2nd day of AEDM

Today I worked on these collages while What About Bob played in the background.
I used vintage photos that I purchased on Etsy and scraps cut from magazines. I used a Sharpie to doodle and inexpensive paint to fill in the doodles. As I worked on each piece I waited for a word to come to mind and then added it to the collage. I often have difficulty letting loose in my collages and I am wondering how these pieces will change as I work on relaxing and trying new techniques. It felt good to focus on art instead of spending time on the computer this morning!

Happiness today was:
** getting a haircut that was exactly what I wanted
** laughing uproariously with my hair dresser
** an unplanned trip to the thrift store where I found some great shirts & skirts
** giving to worthy projects on Donors Choose
** learning about a London Fog from the barista when I ordered chamomile tea topped with steamed milk

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