Inspired by Jen

Jen Lemen's blog has been a favorite of mine for many months and today her post on sabotage was perfect for my mood and state of mind!

Ways I avoided collaging in the past 12 hours:
* cleaned my desk
* sat on the couch and watched The Thomas Crowne Affair
* read email
* read blogs
* started a load of laundry
* rearranged furniture
* decided I needed to gather more looked through two magazines
* got distracted by good articles in magazines
* looked at tv guide to see what shows might be worth recording tonight
* turned on cable radio...kept stopping to turn the volume up as every song was better than the last
* decided out of the blue to bake apple crisp
* looked up recipes online to create tasty, easy crisp
* sweep downstairs floors...get disgusted by amount of cat hair and dust bunnies
* thought about filling out my ballot
* looked at my credit card statement online
* petted the cats multiple times
* read more blogs
* filled out free sample offers
* worked on my budget spreadsheet
* rewarded myself with an afternoon apple crisp break
* commented on blogs
* thought about texting a friend to get together this evening
* considered the pros and cons of emptying the dishwasher tonight vs. tomorrow
* looked through my art supplies
* wrote this post (!)

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